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This page is the starting point for your search for specific variables. All variables in the study have been classified into 17 sections. You can search by navigating through a series of tables. Below explanations will be given about the tables you will encouter in your searches.

Search table
The search table (example) consists of two columns. The first column denotes the section number, and the second column denotes the topic, or a subsection of that topic. Section 1 through 6 are the panel sections. The variables in these sections follow the basic idea behind the questionnaire, that is present situation, satisfaction with present situation, and actions to change present situation. For these variables trend tables are given, that are sometimes accompanied by tables with means. Furthermore, for all sections (including section 1 through 6) variables have been measured that are either only measured once or that did not fit into the distinction made for the basic idea behind the questionnaire (named: specific questions). For those questions no trend tables are given. The links in the search table are to the (sub)section tables.

Section table
In the section tables (example) you will find the variables, questions, question number, and variable names. In the first column a link is presented for variables for which trend tables are available. Furthermore, in many cases you will find comments in the cell below each variable. These comments indicate changes made to the question wording or response categories.