CESSI — Институт Сравнительных Социальных Исследований
Точность и профессионализм, проверенные временем




The survey was designed as a panel survey (interviewing the same people in different points in time) in 7 Waves, one wave each year. The sampling design and the fieldwork have been done by the Institute for Comparative Social Research (CESSI), an independent Russian public opinion and market research organisation. For this study two samples were drawn: the initial sample was interviewed in Wave 1-4 and 6-7, a fresh sample was added in 1997 to account for the panel attrition. This fresh sample was interviewed for from wave 5 and ongoing. For wave 5, the initial wave of the fresh sample, the respondents from the first sample were not interviewed. The survey was conducted by face-to-face pen and paper interviews at the respondent's home.


Sample Design

Non Response