CESSI — Institute for comparative social research
Research quality and precision proven with time


  • ·         Public opinion surveys
    CESSI was established as independent survey research company conducting one of the first public opinion polls in the region based on probability random samples using personal interviews and telephone methods.

    ·         Political and electoral studies.
    Politics is one of the most dynamic and unpredictable area where mass opinions and attitudes are the most vulnerable. In this multi-facet and competitive environment, any predictions are more and more difficult to make. CESSI provides to information agencies, political analysts and political scientists unbiased and reliable information which can help in designing and performing election campaigns, conducts the extensive analysis of national public agenda, interests, needs and demands of different social groups, measures the position and rating of politicians, parties, institutions, issues, evaluate political claims, statements and different policy options. CESSI helps to understand motives and needs of social, economic and professional groups, strengths and barriers of different policy decisions.

    ·         Exit Polls.
    In the day of elections all information agencies and stakeholders are seeking to learn the results as soon as possible. First Exit Poll was conducted by CESSI in 1993 Referendum in Russia with the methodological support of world leading scholar on exit polls Warren Mitofsky for the consortium of Western and domestic mass media. Since then CESS-Mitofsky conducted many exits polls on national elections and referendums in different countries of the region making precise predictions based on sophisticated prediction model.

    ·         Elite Surveys.
    Trend-setters and public opinion leaders as well as key political and economic stakeholders are valuable source of information about major trends, opinions and values in the society. CESSI has extensive experience conducting surveys among different elite groups in politics on national and regional level, business, mass media, culture and science in Russia and other countries of post-Soviet region.

    ·         Social surveys.
    Understanding the culture, traditions, interests and needs of people in different parts of the region is crucially important for politicians, government officials, but also for producers entering new market, introducing new products, service or expanding into new customer group. CESSI studies different aspects of way of live, social attitudes and human values in different social projects like “Living conditions and life satisfaction in Russia” (panel study 1993-1999 tracking changes in different domains of life – from work to housing conditions and leisure), “Norms and Values among New Generation” (survey of teenagers and generation changes from 1989 till current time); “Human Values and Religion” (trend study of basic values of Russian population in 1993, 1996, 1999, 2002, 2005), Post Soviet Trends (since 2002, every 4-5 year cycle, trend study to track stability and change in major social indicators in countries of the former Soviet Union), European Social Survey (ESS, 2006-biannually, the study of social attitudes and behavior as part of all-European comparative project), Quality of life survey in Russian regions, and many others.

    ·         "Omnibus-Russia ".
    The survey which consists of different sections – clients can include their questions or full section in regular survey which is conducted on national-wide probability sample of 1500 respondents of18 and 15 years old and over, representative for urban and rural population of Russian in all 8 federal okrugs. The Omnibus is conducted since 1990 and it was important source of information for more than 150 clients – businesses, advertising agencies, news agencies, NGOs, academicians. The Omnibus is reliable, quick and cost-effective way of obtaining market or public information.