CESSI — Institute for comparative social research
Research quality and precision proven with time


CESSI has the capacity to carry out any research project, even the most sophisticated. We offer our clients not only the highest level of competence in the industry, but also a flexible personalized approach to every research project, with tailor-made studies developed on the basis of mutual understanding and attention of CESSI experts to the clients problems.

We feel personally responsible for all the stages of the research job that we perform: from defining research objectives and conducting the field work, to analyzing the results and delivering the report with well-reasoned conclusions and practical applications for the business.

CESSI conducts projects virtually in all areas of business and politics. Here are some of the most frequent research project s that our clients consider to be relevant to their need in market information.

·         General Population Surveys. Having an extended interviewer's network all over the CIS, we do a lot of large-scale quantitative projects with a national representative sample. Measuring usage and attitude consumer patterns such research projects have proven to be effective for assessing general market potential, product market shares as well as consumers' behavior patterns, brand preferences brand loyalty and other indicators widely used by marketing professionals. Based on the situation of our client company, geographical coverage and data precision needed, we recommend to our clients optimal research design and sample composition.

·         Business to Business research. In this frequently changing unpredictable market, understanding the needs of business professionals, dealer and corporate customers may become the key to success. Developing dealers networks or corporate client base required reliable information on their needs and preferences. In our research we contact different professionals:" political leaders, government officials, top executives, shop assistants, doctors, pharmacists, IT specialists, wholesale dealers.

·         Advertising research. For support of advertising campaigns we offer the full range of research service: product development studies, creative concept tests, packaging tests, pre-test of commercials, advertising and promotion tracking and other powerful research methods to guarantee advertising excellence for our clients.

·         Pricing Research. In such a price sensitive market as Russia and the CIS< it iis crucially important to be able to choose the right pricing strategy, taking into account competitors' level, consumer' price sensitivity, purchase intent, prices of substitute goods, the company's brand image, and other factors. Pricing research designed to fit each particular case can be of valuable help for decisions of this crucial issue.

·         Product Tests. Launching a new product on the market or extending the existing product line requires precise planning and information support.  This is the case since it is the consumer who makes the final decision picking the product with the optimal set of features, quality, price, and that often elusive "something else" which makes this particular product the best for him. Product tests are an important tool in predicting consumer's reaction ot what the company has to offer.

·         "Omnibus-Russia ".
The survey which consists of different sections – clients can include their questions or full section in regular survey which is conducted on national-wide probability sample of 1500 respondents of18 and 15 years old and over, representative for urban and rural population of Russian in all 8 federal okrugs. The Omnibus is conducted since 1990 and it was important source of information for more than 150 clients – businesses, advertising agencies, news agencies, NGOs, academicians. The Omnibus is reliable, quick and cost-effective way of obtaining market or public information.

·         Analysis of secondary data.
Collecting relevant and high quality information in the post-Soviet region is not always easy. Official government data are often highlight only one point of view, the methodological rigor and comparability of many official data sources should be taken with caution. In each particular case and solving particular task we conduct detail analysis of the data sources and aggregate them in the format which can be effectively used by the end-client.