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Public opinion surveys

CESSI was established as independent survey research company conducting one of the first public opinion polls in the region based on probability random samples using personal interviews and telephone methods.

Political and electoral studies

We offer unbiased and reliable information on political preferences, voter’s intentions and public agenda. We track different stages of electoral campaign from benchmarking study in the beginning of the election cycle till exit polls in voting precincts post-electoral evaluations at the end and.

Studies among elites, stakeholders, experts

CESSI has extensive experience of interviewing elite political groups on national and regional level, business, mass media, academicians and other type of stakeholders in different regions of Russia and other post-Soviet countries.

Social surveys.

Since 1993 CESSI designed and implemented many large-scale research projects such as “Living conditions in Russia”, Risk behavior among teenagers in different CIS countries, “Values and Value orientations among population of post Soviet countries”, Budget of time surveys, time serious survey Post Soviet Trends and many others.



Cost of living survey

Government statistical data on the cost of living is not fully satisfactory in scope, updating and targeting. Official data on inflation can be usually applied only to evaluate the impact and changes in standard of living of low income groups. CESSI Cost of Living Index is designed to measure changes in the cost of living of medium and high income groups and different professionals.

Corporate surveys

Corporate surveys are the key part of successful human resource management. The feedback from employees about the corporate mission, company’s strategy, tracking working climate and loyalty and satisfaction of employees are important components of effective human resource policy.

Surveys of labor market in different regions.

When entering new market, opening new division, office of production, the survey of labor market helps to avoid mistakes, warns about barriers and provides information on optimal strategies of recruiting, allocating and motivating personal of different categories.



Just was published book:

Anna V. Andreenkova. COMPARATIVE CROSS-NATIONAL SURVEYS IN SOCIAL SCIENCES: theory, methodology, practice. Moscow, 2014, 520 pages. Where to buy: В магазине "Библиоглобус" по адресу: ул. Мясницкая, 6/3, стр. 1,...



The level of inflation is one of the most important macro economic indicators which influences directly on cost and standards of living of population. The inflation level didn’t exceed 10% in Russia in past few years. Probably...


Migration Intentions among Russians

For many years CESSI study the issue of migration intentions among Russian population. According to our survey data, migration intentions nowadays are rather high – about one third of Russian population would like to change the...

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ЕSS - RUSSIA website of the project in Russian.

ESS is the largest and most reputable cross-national comparative project in social science in Europe, The purpose of the project is to study stability and change of social attitudes and values of population in European countries. The survey is conducted bi-annually since 2002.

In 2005 ESS first in social sciences won the Descartes Prize, the highest European scientific reward for the excellence of quality in cooperative cross-national survey.

CESSI leads ESS in Russia since 2006. Since then, the survey was conducted 6 times based on representative national sample of Russian population 15 years old and over by face-to-face interviews in respondent’s homes. In total 31 European countries were represented in at least one round of ESS. All data and documentation is openly available from the website of the project.



CESSI has the capacity to carry out any research project, even the most sophisticated. We offer our clients not only the highest level of competence in the industry, but also a flexible personalized approach to every research project, with tailor-made studies developed on the basis of mutual understanding and attention of CESSI experts to the clients problems.

We feel personally responsible for all the stages of the research job that we perform: from defining research objectives and conducting the field work, to analyzing the results and delivering the report with well-reasoned conclusions and practical applications for the business.

CESSI conducts projects virtually in all areas of business and politics. Here are some of the most frequent research project s that our clients consider to be relevant to their need in market information.