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European Social Survey (ESS) is an academically-driven, uniquely rigorous survey, documenting and helping to interpret hitherto inadequately-charted aspects of the European condition.

The three aims of the European Social Survey are:

·         to chart and explain changes in Europe’s social, political and moral climate;

·         to achieve and spread standards of rigour in cross-national attitude measurement never accomplished before; and

·         to achieve recognition for social and attitudinal indicators on a par with those currently awarded to economic indicators.

The survey is conducted bi-annually using personal interview method in respondent’s homes (PAPI interviews in first rounds and CAPI in later rounds) based on probability random samples of population 15 years old and over in more than 30 countries of “large Europe”.

First survey in Russia was conducted by CESSI in 2006 (round 3 of ESS) and since then Russia participated in all rounds of ESS – 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018. All documents and data can be found and downloaded from international ESS website in English or Russian ESS website in Russian

The survey is coordinated from the City University, UK (director of the project prof. Rory Fitzgerald). Russian part of the survey is managed by Russian Scientific Team (prof. N.I. Lapin, dr. V.S. Magun, prof. L.M. Drobizheva, dr. V.G. Andreenkov, prof. L.A. Belyaeva), national coordinator of ESS in Russia is Dr. Anna Andreenkova (CESSI).

Results of first rounds of ESS are discussed in the book “Russia in Europe” – leading Russian scholars produced the analysis of ESS data in different domains – comparative methodology (V.G. Andreenkov), Russia in socio-cultural space in Europe (N.I. Lapin), social structure and indequality (L.A. Belyaeva), politics (A.V. Andreenkova), labor (G.A. Monusova), satisfaction of life (N.V. Andreenkova), national and civic identity (L.M. Drobizheva),  life values (V.S. Magun, M.G. Rudnev), values of economic macro-regions in Russia (N.I. Lapin), religiosity (M.M. Mchedlova), family (A.I. Antonov, O.L.Lebel, A.A. Sokolov), marriage (A.B. Sinelnikova), timing of life (S.V. Zakharov).


Russia in Europe: on materials of international sociological project “European social survey”/ ed. by . A.V.Andreenkova, L.A. Belyaeva, Moscow, Academia, 2009.